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Morton High School JV Dance Team at a dance competition


Xperience Dance offers all types of choreography from performance choreography that is perfect for halftimes, recitals, or pep rallies to competition choreography that will bring the best out of your team and leave a lasting impression on the audience and judges.  It is our goal to provide challenging and unique choreography that will inspire your team to grow and leave them feeling confident and excited about their upcoming season.


Performance choreography is a dance routine suited for a variety of venues and events, such as a gameday performance, a promotional appearance, a team fundraiser, or a recital.  The material has enough visual elements to capture the audience's attention, such as ripples and levels,  without being overly complex so that it is able to be learned and cleaned quickly enough to fit into a busy season.

Xperience Dance performance choreography routines are perfect for pep rallies, halftimes, school events, or studio recitals!


Competitive choreography is a complex, innovative dance routine comprised of intricately layered groupwork, levels, highlights, and other visual elements along with seamless transitions of movement between formations.  There should be little to no walking during formation changes so that the judges and audience never have a chance to lose engagement with the routine.

Xperience Dance competitive choreography routines are crafted by our Master Level choreographers, and are the perfect choice for teams competing at the local, state, and national level.


How much does choreography cost?

The price of choreography at Xperience Dance is customized to best fit the budget and need of your team.  Upon submitting a request for more information, we will contact you for a brief consultation through your preferred method of communication.  You will then be offered several customized prices based on the available choreographers that best match the style, level, and budget you would like to have.

Performance routines are typically shorter, less complex, and fit a smaller routine budget.  Competition routines are more expensive due to the extensive level of visuals as well as the amount of time our Master Choreographers spend on choreographing the material, mapping out formations, and creating the notes they will leave with you.

Choreography quotes may also be affected by the experience level of the choreographer, the dates of travel for the choreographer, and the number of days required to teach the material.

What is included in the cost of a choreography session?

The cost of a choreography session includes travel and lodging for the choreographer, so you will not have to worry about booking any flights or hotels!

Additionally, following each choreography session with Xperience Dance, teams will not only be given extensive routine notes with formations, but will also have the option to schedule one video critique with a virtual consultation session later in the year free of charge.  At Xperience Dance we consider our teams family and truly want to see them succeed!


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