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What We Offer at Xperience Dance

At Xperience Dance, it is our goal to provide challenging training and choreography that will inspire your team to grow and leave them feeling confident and excited about their upcoming season.


Home Camps

Home camps last from one to three days and include eight hours of instruction with an hour lunch break.  Curriculum can be fully customized to best suit what your team needs to prepare them for their season!  Options include technique classes, sidelines, XD routines, master class combos, teambuilding, and more.

1 Day Home Camp

$100 per Athlete

*minimum of $1000

2 Day Home Camp

$185 per Athlete

*minimum of $1850

3 Day Home Camp

$250 per Athlete

*minimum of $2500


Custom Routine
Home Camps

Custom Routine Home Camps are home camps with the addition of having our staff choreograph a custom, performance-level routine for you!  These routines are great for events and half time performances.

2 Day Custom Camp

$250 per Athlete

*minimum of $2500

3 Day Custom Camp

$325 per Athlete

*minimum of $3250

4 Day Custom Camp

$400 per Athlete

*minimum of $4000



Clinics are the perfect way to uplift your team during a long dance season and leave them feeling reinvigorated and full of confidence.

From learning or enhancing technical skills to cleaning choreography to prepare for events or competitions to learning combos for either fun or performances, our staff will bring out the best in your dancers in just a few hours.

2 Hour Clinic

$30 per Athlete

*minimum of $300

3 Hour Clinic

$50 per Athlete

*minimum of $500

4 Hour Clinic

$70 per Athlete

*minimum of $700

2023 Morton HS JV_edited.jpg

Competition Choreography

These routines are crafted by our Master Level choreographers, and are the perfect choice for teams competing at the local, state, and national level.


  • 1:45 to 2:30 minutes of high-quality, competition appropriate choreography with levels, groups, and other visual elements

  • Routine notes and formations

  • 8 hours of practice time with one of our Master Choreographers and an Assistant Instructor (if available) per day

  • One included video critique with written feedback at no additional charge to help as the season gets underway

for more information, pricing options, or to schedule your choreographer today!

*Specific Master Level Choreographers may be booked upon request, but prices may increase to reflect any additional travel costs to accommodate said requests.

Choreography Add-Ons

Get the most for your team's money by adding on to your booking and building a package!
Add On Routine Restructuring

Have your choreographer come back later in the season to restructure the routine and take it to the next level.  They will make any requested choreography changes as well as fix formations, lengthen or shorten the routine, and add layers and visuals to amp up visual appeal!

This is the perfect option for teams that learn choreography in the Summer or Fall and then have competition tryouts later in the year.

Add On a Clinic

Add on a clinic before or after your choreography session.


Technique clinics go great before choreography so the choreographer can pick the perfect technique elements that fit your team!

Clean-Up Clinics after choreography sessions are the perfect way to jump-start that tedious cleaning while the routine is fresh on your dancers' minds!

Add on Private Lessons

Give your students the option to take full advantage of our staff by booking private lessons before or after choreography.

Can also be booked the day(s) before or after your team's choreography session. (Might require an additional fee to cover any extra travel expenses for our choreographers.)

Additional Services

Below is a list of additional services we offer at Xperience Dance.

For inquires for services not listed on our website, please contact us using the form below.
Video Critiques

Our staff will watch a video of your routine and provide you with feedback.  We can also judge and score your routine with the scoresheet that will be used at upcoming competitions, if desired.

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